Handyman Waterloo, ON

Which Waterloo handyman tasks overwhelm you? Is it general household repairs or appliance repair? Or are you always looking for the best providers of house remodeling, carpentry and furniture assembly or drywall and painting services? Well, as PSL Handyman, we are here to help you overcome all the frustrations that come from DIY projects, or hiring companies or individuals that you shouldn’t have trusted in the first place.
We are here to help you save time, keep unnecessary costs at bay, avoid potential injury, and, more so, guarantee you quality work. We are licensed, registered and fully insured. Our Waterloo house repair tradesmen have years of combined experience. As such, you can depend on us to get your Waterloo general handyman services done right.
Our contractual agreements are transparent, and we work out flexible payment plans with all our clients in our bid to fulfill our commitment to offering affordable, Waterloo local handyman services. During the many years we have been in business, we have successfully achieved all these things without compromising the quality of work and customer service.
Which tasks do you want our Waterloo ​handyman to handle today? Do you have a bathroom faucet that requires installation? Is it a toilet valve that needs replacement? Or do you want someone who can install a kitchen sink or toilet bowl? Whatever general home repair and maintenance tasks you need to be attended to, we are only a call away.
Enjoy easy scheduling via a simple call (dial 226-210-8610) or email (by filling our contact form) 

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