Guelph Drywall and Painting Handyman Services

Paint Roller on wallMaintaining a home comes with many costs, and drywall repair is one issue that you may have to deal with during the lifespan of your property. Sheetrock is generally sturdy, but it can sustain damage due to several reasons.
To begin with, a settling foundation can subject plaster to cracks. Termites may also do some damage while eating the cellulose found on the thick sheets of paperboard that cover gypsum panels on both sides.
If you have a leaky roof or faulty plumbing, water may leak into your drywall and wreak havoc. Kids playing indoors as well as bumps when moving furniture, or even a rogue wind that blows the door open too quickly and slamming the knob hard could also cause some drywall damage.
Depending on the cause, damaged plasterboard may end up with scratches, cracks, or even holes. Such blemishes can indeed be an eyesore or compromise the structural integrity of load-bearing walls.
Have Drywall Damage Fixed Conveniently By Professionals
From glaring holes to minor tears, it is prudent not to ignore sheetrock damage because it can worsen and cause more problems later on. Our home maintenance experts have been serving the entire Guelph area for years with quality craftsmanship. Whether it is some cracks from settling, moisture damage, or unsightly rips caused by doorknobs and drywall anchors, we have seen it all and can repair it for you.
It is imperative to seek assistance from experienced contractors for drywall installation. Our experts install sheetrock partitions with utmost care to avoid excessive joints, budging seams or uneven sheets.
Going Beyond Drywall Repair 
At Guelph Handyman, we do much more than merely patch up your drywall. We will also handle all the finishing touches. If you are having new sheets of drywall hung, we will ensure to seal the seams with tape as well as mud the joints and screw indentations using compound. The result is a wall that is so flat with no visible seams underneath.
We can also paint your drywall in any colour you want. Painting can be a messy affair if not done correctly. As such, our handymen do all the prep work from clearing the work area to covering your furnishings.
We skip no essential steps, be it taping electrical outlets, door frames and baseboards to ensure seamless paint line edges, or sanding and priming the wall before applying the first coat.
If you are looking for quality drywall painting and repair services near you, reach out to us at Guelph handyman services. We’d be happy to discuss your project, assess the best solution for you, and offer a free quote.

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