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Thumbs up for the best handyman service we provideOwning or leasing property comes with many responsibilities, key among them being keeping your commercial or residential premise in tip-top shape. However, where you live, work, or do business will gradually go through wear and tear over time. And, when that happens, your property will require regular repairs or maintenance.

With the DIY trend being more popular than ever, many people are quick to attempt home repairs on their own. However, some tasks turn out to be too technical for a layperson to handle alone. If you find yourself in such a situation, the best thing to do is seek help from a home improvement business that specializes in handyman services.

Here at PSL Handyman, we gladly take on those odd jobs that other general contractors would turn down because of being too small or unprofitable.

In the past several years serving the residents of southern Ontario, many customers have come to appreciate the value of our work. As such, it is essential to look at the benefits of hiring a handyman if you are still on the fence when it comes to entrusting one with handling the home maintenance repair and remodeling tasks that your property requires.

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    ​​​There is no denying that assigning home maintenance repair tasks to capable hands is beneficial in many ways. And, at Guelph Handyman, we are here to take on all those risky, time-consuming, or complex odd jobs that you can’t do on your own. Our experienced tradesmen specialize in a wide range of fields and can help you with the following services:

    Some Common Tasks we handle:

    Replace thermostat
    Hang a heavy picture
    Repair Leaking pipe
    Replace a torn screen
    Mount Shelves
    Replace window
    Hang a new door
    Woodwork repair
    Repair a wall
    Drywall Repair
    Install heating and air registers
    Install carpet
    Hall light installation
    Replacing light switches and outlets
    Repairing a leaky faucet
    Change toilet valve
    Bathroom faucet installation
    Hang ceiling fan
    Install garbage disposal
    Replacing a broken garbage disposal
    Install toilet bowl
    Install kitchen sink
    Wiring for a home theatre
    Installing heating and cooling registers

    appliance repair handyman guelph

    Appliance Repair

    When appliances break down, we fix them, sparing you the expense of buying a replacement. Our trained technicians can repair anything from dryers to washing machines, and more. We pride ourselves in delivering professional appliance repair services. Therefore, you can expect a transparent engagement with our staff, right from fault troubleshooting to finding spare parts and restoring your appliance’s operation.

    A technician repair general households

    General Household Repairs

    It is necessary to look after your home or business structure if you want it to continue looking great and serving the occupants well. Many things malfunction, incur damage, break, or wear out. Whether it is a broken window here some loose floorboards there, we can help you stay on top of your property upkeep requirements. If you notice a jammed door that doesn’t shut properly, clogged gutters filled with leaves, dull grout lines that could use some floor tile repair, or anything faulty, make sure to schedule repairs fast. Dealing with minor problems can keep them from getting worse and costing you more to fix in the long run.
    carpentry furniture assembly handyman guelph
    Do you need a helping hand to put together bed frames and other flat-pack furniture? Let a pair of experienced hands that have done such work before handle it for you and spare yourself the frustration of trying to read confusing product instructions. Our handyman technicians are not only skilled in furniture assembly, but also perform a vast range of carpentry repairs.
    Man painting the wall

    Drywall and Painting

    Drywall sheets make our homes and office spaces complete either as ceiling covers or room partitions. However, sheetrock is prone to lots of damage. It can crack, develop holes, or discolour due to a variety of factors. At Guelph Handyman, we handle all kinds of drywall repair, including fixing nail pops and exposed tape seams. If you want to install new drywall, our home repair pros can help with that as well. We also go beyond wall repair and installation. With the help of a handyman painter, you can decorate your drywall surfaces with some colour. Alternatively, go with wallpaper for a distinct look. We paint home exteriors too and can assist with wood refinishing and staining.
    worker home remodeling Guelph

    House Remodeling

    If you feel it’s time to give your property a facelift or want to stage your home for sale, Guelph Handyman house remodeling services are worth checking out. Do you want to install new tiles, paint the walls, adding a deck, or beautify the interiors with lovely crown moulding? Share your ideas with us and we will help you bring them to life. Our home improvement experts have been helping homeowners throughout Guelph with all kinds of renovation projects, remodeling room after room with keen attention to detail.

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    #1: Save Time
    After a long day at work, many people often want to get some rest. Choosing to work on home improvement projects in your free time is just another extra errand that will go onto your seemingly never-ending to-do list. 

    Between buying supplies/materials and carrying out the actual work, home maintenance repair can be quite time-consuming. Don’t be surprised if you end up putting off the task at hand after getting started only to realize that it demands meticulous planning. If you are not careful, home improvement projects that you were once so enthusiastic about can quickly fall by the wayside and remain pending for weeks or even months. 

    Delegating property upkeep tasks to a handyman allows you to make better use of your time. The skilled trade specialist doesn’t have to work around a busy schedule. You only need to schedule an appointment and someone will show up to do their job, which is fixing things. So, hiring a local Guelph handyman gives you the peace of mind knowing that your property will receive the attention it deserves promptly, and the best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger.

     #2: Avoid Extra Costs
    You may be able to save money by doing things yourself, but that’s not always the case when it comes to keeping your home, office, or business setting in good condition. If you think about it, choosing not to hire a domestic or commercial handyman isn’t kinder to your wallet. There are some extra costs that you will incur if you choose to make home improvement a solo affair. 

    First, fixing and servicing things in and around your property requires all kinds of tools. Therefore, this means that a visit to your local hardware store might be necessary if you want to go into a DIY project fully equipped. With a professional home improvement expert, you can avoid the extra cost of investing in tools and only pay for services rendered. 

    Secondly, handyman services save you money by providing access to professional tradesmen who have the know-how and experience to get the job done right on the first attempt. A trained eye will be able to point out all those issues that you might overlook, which can cost you more later on. That may include rookie mistakes like buying more materials than required or even poor workmanship that ends up requiring additional repairs. Lastly, as your handyman works on patching up that damaged fixture or a broken appliance, you can focus on using your time on something productive. That could be anything from meeting up with a potential client to taking up an extra shift. 

    #3: Overcome Frustration
    Having someone skilled handle routine maintenance and repair jobs can save you a great deal of frustration as well. Handymen may be jacks of all trades, but most of the work they do takes skill. So, if you try to carry out a task that is not in your field of expertise, it is easy to feel stressed over learning a new skill or how to use tools and machinery for the first time. Ultimately, hiring a professional is not only easier and cost-efficient, it is also less stressful than doing it on your own.

    #4: Evade Potential Injury
    Whether it is using a sharp pair of shears or getting up high places to clean rain gutters, home repair projects come with many risks. DIYers are more likely to make mistakes that lead to injuries, unlike experienced professionals who have done similar work before. So, instead of putting yourself in danger and potentially incurring unnecessary costs in hospital bills, leave risky repair tasks and home maintenance to a professional handyman. Our experts follow safety protocols and are insured against workplace injuries, so you don’t have to worry about things going wrong and ending up with a lawsuit on your hands.

    #5: Receive High-Quality Workmanship
    Improving the aesthetic appeal of any property or keeping it in a decent state is no cheap affair. Therefore, it is smart to make sure you get value for every dime spent to repair or maintain your home. Unfortunately, it is not easy to achieve the level of quality finishing and detail that a skilled handyman can deliver. Therefore, your minor renovation projects are better left to a professional who can guarantee the best possible outcome.

    Why Choose PSL Handyman?

    Commitment to excellent service and high-quality workmanship is the business ethos that we believe in and strive to achieve here at Guelph Handyman. Here’s why you should choose us as your home improvement partner.

    • We are a registered, licensed, and fully insured business
    • Our handyman professionals have years of combined experience
    • Customers can enjoy easy scheduling with a simple call or email
    • You can count on us to get home repairs and maintenance done right
    • We workout transparent contractual agreements and flexible payment arrangements
    • We are committed to providing affordable handyman services without compromising on customer service or the quality of our craftsmanship

    Join our long list of satisfied customers by selecting PSL Handyman to handle your home improvement tasks. Call us now or fill out the contact form and get your free quote today.

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