Guelph Handyman Services

technician showing thumbs upAre you looking for reliable home maintenance repair and remodeling services within Ontario’s royal city? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have been providing handyman services in Guelph to both domestic and commercial customers for years.
It is difficult to take care of all property upkeep tasks alone, either due to lack of time, tools or skills. Our company can step in to lend you a helping hand. We are among the best in all of Guelph because our team comprises of carefully picked and licensed handymen with specialized skills. Most importantly, we stand behind the quality of our work. Our team strives to get the job done correctly on the first attempt, so we don’t quickly jump into a project without analyzing the problem, your space, and the required tools to get the right fixes.
At PSL Handyman, no job is too big or small. Our contractors will handle virtually any task you need to repair, renovate, or maintain your home. Here is a quick rundown of the most popular services that we have handled for residents throughout Guelph over the years.
①. Furniture Assembly
If you are looking to save some money on some new furnishings, knockdown furniture is a good way to go. With this option, you get to cut back on shipping costs. However, flat-packs can be hard to assemble, especially if you don’t fare too well with tools. Our experienced handymen can put together just about any type of furniture for you. We ensure to use all the right equipment, from battery-powered screwdrivers to work stands and torpedo levels.
②. House Remodeling
House remodeling takes vision and know-how. The latter ingredient is where we come in handy. Our skilled contractors and professionals can help you change the use of a particular space, improve its functionality, or breathe new life into a room.
③. Drywall and Painting
Drywall holes and cracks can be unsightly. Such damage is common when you have kids around, but it may also be as a result of the house settling, excessive moisture, or vermin. Our Guelph handymen have extensive experience patching up sheetrock and can install entire panels as well. Painting drywall is also necessary after having it fixed or newly installed. We will match the same colour as your existing theme or go with any shade of paint that you choose. Every handyman painter we send to your property will handle the task professionally and clean up after completing the work.
④. General Household Repairs
We understand that homes demand some TLC. Lawns need mowing, broken fixtures require fixing, exteriors could use painting touch-ups, and the list goes on. We are here to keep your home from going into disrepair. Our handymen can drop by to fix anything that is broken, worn-out, or clogged.
⑤. Basic Carpentry
Doors, cabinetry, furniture, picket fences, and so much more, the work of a carpenter is easy to detect when you look around any property. With one call, we can provide you access to a handyman skilled in this trade when you need someone to fix, build, or install timber items.
⑥. Appliance Repair
The scope of our handyman services also includes repairing common appliances found in homes and commercial settings. When you invite us to fix your broken appliance, our trained technicians will troubleshoot the problem, explain what has failed, recommend a fix, and even help you get any replacement parts.
For the services listed above and any other odd jobs, feel free to contact us and request a free quote.

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